it is important for you to understand that therapy is a way for you to gain understanding and insight through self-discovery. Do not be surprised if your goals continue to change throughout the therapy process. This is due to your self-awareness increasing. The therapist is a person who helps you see into all your life experiences and then through counseling gives you the tools to make the change within yourselves. The therapist is there to assist in your discovery and cheer you on when you are heading in the right direction.

Therapy can be a positive experience yet at times may feel like a struggle. While therapy is a way to provoke change, change may feel like work until you adapt and feel the rewards. Someone once told me that change is the only thing constant, so embrace!
The number one thing to search for when looking for a therapist is intuition and connection. A therapist is there to guide and steer you on your life journey not their life journey. I believe therapists and clients are partners in the therapeutic process.  During your counseling process a therapist is able to connect with you and your issues by listening, learning, and assisting you with tools they have found to be helpful in your areas of concern. Please visit the California Association for Marriage and Family Therapist (CAMFT) for more information.
During the initial counseling session the therapist tries to obtain important information on what the problem is and how it all started. This is also a time where the therapist will need demographic and payment information.

Make the most of your session by:

  • Thinking about the reasons that you have decided to seek counseling.

  • Thinking about some goals for counseling. In other words, what would you like to change?

  • Making sure you bring with you information such as medications, names and addresses of doctors, emergency contact information, etc.

  • Planning for a 45 – 50 minute session. Please make sure you have childcare, as it is not in your best interest to bring children to a session unless they are participants in the counseling.

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